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Andras: Building Vibrant Jewish Communities Around the World

Andras Borgula
Though he did not discover he was Jewish until he was 14, Andras fights growing anti-Semitic sentiment in Budapest, Hungary by organizing an annual Jewish cultural festival attracting thousands

Growing up in communist Hungary, Andras Borgula did not know he was Jewish until he was 14. Once he embraced his roots, his Jewishness became not just an identity, but a passion. Amid a backdrop
of anti-Semitic violence that grabbed headlines in France, Denmark and Belgium, right-wing extremism has been gaining political traction in Europe, perhaps most dramatically in Hungary.
To counteract the growing sentiment in his city, Andras help co-found Judafest eight years ago, hoping for 1,000 participants. More than 3,500 came. Today, more than 10,000 attend the cultural street festival, raising an understanding and pride of Jewish culture.

This celebration of life is one of a kind, and people know it. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for us, for Hungarian Jews, to have this day together. – Andras Borgula

Each year, the Federation helps tens of thousands of Jews wherever they may be in the world. Through our Overseas Partners, JAFI and JDC, we help battle anti-Semitism by funding movements like Andras’. We help Jews flee persecution from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and Yemen and make Aliyah to Israel. We help youth in the FSU to rediscover their Jewish heritage. We risk crossing into combat zones to deliver groceries and medicine to seniors who cannot leave their homes. Through our partnership and your generosity, Federation assures that Jews all over the world have strong, vibrant communities and can live free from fear.