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Federation completes first in-depth review of funded agency

Scottsdale, AZ (April 25, 2015) – In an effort to improve stewardship of the community’s contributions to the annual campaign, the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix announced last year that it would initiate regular in-depth reviews of organizational partners through a taskforce made up of Community Planning Commission members. The Federation recently completed the first of these in-depth evaluations.

“Each year, we ask organizations that are seeking money, to provide the information necessary for us to evaluate the efficiency and impact of their programs, including the number of people served, goals and outcomes. As part of our new evaluation process, the Federation takes a more in-depth look at our partner organizations including governance, program statistics and organizational effectiveness,” said Commission Chair Barry Markson.

The Bureau of Jewish Education was informed in October 2014 that it would be among the first of the Federation’s organizational partners to undergo the expanded review. A task force comprised of six commission members was convened to conduct the in-depth evaluation of BJE. This review took place from December, 2014 through February, 2015.

The task force found that the BJE continues to offer many exemplary programs. However, during the in-depth review the taskforce uncovered a number of concerns with regard to governance, program reach and organizational partnership. Based on these findings the taskforce recommended reducing the allocation by $28,000 for 2015. The task force findings were then reviewed and approved by both the commission and the Federation board of directors. The Federation continues to support the BJE with $50,000 in funding this year.

While elaborating on the challenges of the review process, commission chair and task force member Markson said, “It is always difficult to adjust funding for existing partners and programs, but we assume this responsibility so the community knows when it gives a dollar to the Federation, it will be allocated in a thoughtful, meaningful way.”

Detailed allocation information can be found here.

About the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix
The Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix exists to strengthen and sustain a vibrant, inclusive community that enriches lives through Jewish values, innovation and stewardship. We embrace each generation across all walks of life, and provide funding to services and programs that help develop toddlers, engage children, motivate teens, challenge young adults, inspire adults, connect families and benefit the elderly. Our purpose is to ensure the long-term viability of our Jewish community by providing leadership, financial support, and synergy with other Jewish organizations in Greater Phoenix area, Israel and around the world.

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