Together, our professional staff and lay leaders identify community needs and develop strategies and raise funds to meet those needs here in the Valley, in Israel and around the world.

Federation Board of Directors

  • Howard R. Cabot, Board Chair
  • Morrie Aaron, Treasurer
  • Barry Markson, Governance Chair/Secretary
  • David Weiner, Immediate Past Chair
  • Mike Arko, Vice Chair
  • Danielle Gross, Vice Chair
  • Courtney Beller
  • Ben Ellis
  • Rachel Hoffer
  • Eliot Kaplan
  • Jakob Khazanovich
  • Leah Bold Mondlick
  • Lily Behboodi Schoen
  • Alan Zeichick
  • Beth Jo Zeitzer

Federation Leadership

  • Danielle Gross, Campaign Chair
  • Leah Bold Mondlick, Women IN Philanthropy Chair
  • Ben Ellis, Business & Professionals Chair
  • Bryce Schotz & Chase Alyeshmerni, NowGen Co-Chairs
  • Marty Haberer, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie Perry, Director of Finance & Operations
  • Sheryl Press, Marketing Director