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Marty’s Shabbat Message – February 18, 2021

Shalom Chaverim (Dear Friends),

As a massive winter storm wreaked havoc in Texas and the southern Plains dropping heavy snowfall and freezing rain moving eastward, we in the Valley of the Sun are experiencing 70-degree weather and the sunsets just keep getting more and more exquisite every evening this time of year. An attitude of gratitude? You betcha!!

There are other storms brewing in our society, some speeded up by the “new normal” we have found ourselves in for the last year now. I suspect some things will return to the old normal while other changes are here to stay.

With so many of us adjusting to the new Zoom culture, will anyone be willing to drive to organizational board meetings ever again? I wonder. The end result is neither good nor bad, it will just be.

And organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit are now trying to figure out how to “load or reload” for when we come out the other side.

As far as our own Jewish community goes, I think it’s fair to say that what got us where we are today will likely not take us to the next great place. I love the quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer that goes “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” This is an important time to clarify our goals, revisit a shared vision that’s in the best interests of our community, and do all we can to be as strong as we can be in 2021 and beyond for ourselves, for our children and for our community. I look forward to exploring these ideas with you deeper in the coming weeks and months.

This week’s Torah portion is Terumah (An Offering) in the book of Exodus, the second in the five Books of Moses. In it, Moses is given detailed instructions on top of Mount Sinai as to how to construct the Mishkan (dwelling place) for G-d, so that it could be readily dismantled, transported and reconstructed as the Israelites journeyed in the desert.

We too, need to periodically reconstruct our own communities and community organizations to get to the next great place. As long as we do so together, and with the best interests of the community in mind, I have no doubt we will continue to be a vibrant Jewish community today and tomorrow.

Light candles Friday evening at 5:59pm
Shabbat ends Saturday evening at 6:55pm

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom.


Marty Haberer
President & Chief Executive Officer

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