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Marty’s Shabbat Message – January 28, 2021

Shalom Chaverim (Dear Friends),

This is my last Shabbat message for the month of January. With 2020 already very much in the rear-view mirror, there is a great deal going on at the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix and in our Jewish community. Let me begin with news about 2,000 Ethiopian Jews leaving Addis Ababa and being reunited with their families who had already made Aliyah to Israel years earlier. One of the great privileges and highlights of my life was participating on a mission to Gondar and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia about 15 years ago. Actually, serving as a witness while Jewish Ethiopians, believed to be descendants of the 10 lost tribes of Israel, returned to their homeland, and literally bringing them home was simply miraculous.

And now each one of us has the opportunity to finish the job and complete the journey home. Join us on February 3rd at 7pm MST to learn about the Ethiopian Jewish Aliyah Experience. Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Isaac Herzog will headline the presenters which will include personal stories from the latest Operation Zur olim (returnees). Our very own Federation leaders David Weiner, a Jewish Agency Board member and Rachel Hoffer, JAFINA Board member are spearheading this effort locally. Please register here!


On the local scene, Ignite 2021: The Year of US is fast approaching on February 28th. This event is not to be missed as ladies will enjoy a morning of virtual glam, inspiration, pampering and fun! Hear from Janice Kaplan, bestselling author of The Genius of Women, and spend some time focusing only on YOU with virtual master classes in: Hair Care by Drybar | Skin Care by Canyon Ranch | Soul Care by Rising Sun. Enjoy a “Me” party or grab some friends and enjoy a “We” party. Couvert: $54. Register here!

This week’s Torah portion is Beshalach (Sent Away), in the book of Exodus, the second of the Five Books of Moses. This is the portion where the Israelites are trapped by Pharaoh and his army and the Reid Sea. Moses uses his staff to split the water. The Israelites make it across and the Egyptians are drowned as they follow.

This is one of those miracles where you either believe it literally or figuratively. Everyone is entitled to their belief. For me, the message is that we are blessed with miracles in our lives every day. We need simply focus our eyes to see them and adjust our ears to hear them.

May we all be blessed with the miracles of good health, happiness, prosperity and love. And may we all truly know how lucky we are to have each other.

Light candles Friday evening at 5:39pm
Shabbat ends Saturday evening at 6:37pm

Shabbat Shalom.


Marty Haberer
President & Chief Executive Officer

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