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Marty’s Shabbat Message – June 21, 2018

Shalom Chaverim (Dear Friends),

I have historically thought that when we hit the middle of June, things tend to quiet down at the Federation, particularly our Federation, where many make every effort to escape the Valley’s summer heat for cooler locales. That has been the farthest thing from reality this June; it is a busy and exciting time. This week I would like to share two important items with you.

First, on the horizon, in keeping with Federation’s core impact area of enriching senior lives, a senior residential community on the Ina Levine Jewish Community Campus is being explored. A group of lay leaders led by Morrie Aaron conducted nearly two years of research on the best use of the vacant site on the southeast corner of the campus. Careful consideration of the neighborhood and needs of the campus and community led the group to decide that an onsite senior residential facility would be the best option and bring opportunities for multigenerational programming. We will continue to keep the community in the loop as things develop on this front.

Second, I want to spread the excellent opportunity for C and S corporations to support the Jewish Tuition Organization (JTO) through the Arizona corporate private school tax credit. All corporations can receive a dollar-for-dollar credit on their Arizona taxes. There is no maximum, but the minimum for S corporations is $5,000. If you are interested, consult your tax advisor as there may be additional benefits to taking the tax credit with the new SALT regulations. This is the only dollar-for-dollar tax credit from which corporations can benefit. The JTO provides need-based scholarships for children to attend Jewish day schools throughout the Valley. All corporate scholarships go to children from low-income families, as defined by the state. The JTO is waiting for your call and will help you with the process – the deadline to contact the JTO is June 29. Applications must be submitted by the JTO to the Arizona Department of Revenue, corporations cannot submit directly. Please call the JTO today at 480.634.4926.

This week’s Torah portion is Chukat (Statutes) in the book of Numbers. In it is the famous story where G-d askes Moses to command the rock to bring forth water. Instead, Moses angrily strikes the stone. G-d’s punishment is that neither Moses or his brother Aaron will enter into Israel. Today in the Valley, it is vital that we speak with each other and communicate, so that we can collaborate and be efficient with our resources. In the spirit of that collaboration and the greater good, I have shared this important information.

I also wish to express that it is my intention to speak with you clearly and often and to let you know that our volunteer leadership represent you, our donors and community members, and promise to keep the lines of communication open to the best of our ability at all times.

Shabbat Shalom,

Marty Haberer
Chief Executive Officer

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