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Partner Spotlight: Council for Jews with Special Needs

Mollie and Francine
Francine (right) is grateful to Federation for funding CJSN programs for her daughter and for the NowGen young adults who volunteer their time to help Mollie have a full and active life

Each week, Mollie spends time with her new friends through Chaverim Tovim. The program is Council For Jews With Special Needs’ newest social group for young adults with various abilities. Participants are paired with their own “typical” buddy for fun group activities such as trips to the zoo, bowling or simply hanging out and playing games. CJSN was able to start this program through the generosity of the community and Federation, which understands the importance of Jewish engagement for all Jews.

Much of the program’s success also can be attributed to Jewish young adults who volunteer their time facilitating friendships with Chaverim Tovim members with special needs. For many of the participants, this is the first time they have successfully socialized with other Jews of similar age.

Mollie’s mother, Francine, is delighted and grateful for the program.

“When children with special needs reach their twenties, there are few opportunities to make friends and attend social events without their families. Now, my daughter is enjoying herself with her peers just like other young ladies her age,” said Francine. “This would not be happening without CJSN and the funding that makes Chaverim Tovim possible.”